Latest News: Special Thanks


I am very thankful for the guidance and mentorship of the following people (in chronological order) that have helped shape my life as a photographer. 

My Family - for being very supportive with their time, support, and sacrifices. 

Tim Mueller - for teaching me to use a camera and tell a story with multiple images, and being a mentor at my first newspaper. 

Mark - for giving me my first real job as a photojournalist in Louisiana and loading me up with assignments. 

Gary C. Caskey - for teaching me the complete business of photojournalism, from souping color film, to crazy deadlines, to getting the best part of the story in one image. 

Ed Andrieski and David Zalubowski - for showing me where the bar was set. 

Joe Poellot - for great bull sessions, lighting advice and always having a great ear. 

Henry Chu and the Colorado LUG - for introducing me to Leica cameras and lenses and keeping my excitement for making that next image always alive and well. You all are great cheerleaders. 

David Almy - for being the best older brother I never had in showing me how my images could be so much better in creating something special. 

Bernhard Spoettel - for being helpful and always inspirational with your kind words and work. Vielen Dank. 

Erik Almas, Jonas Karlsson, Mark Tucker and Robert Seale - for your inspiration every day.