Latest News: Why Hire Robb for your Project


There are many photographers out there that can do a solid job. Why hire Robb for your work? 


His style and way he sees is very unique. The images Robb provides come off as very artfully created without losing any AUTHENTICITY - a commodity highly sought after with consumers tired of over-styled and over-processed images. A day in the life - in an advertising style. His images link viewers to the scene at hand and invite them to take it all in as they haven't seen this view before. 

He goes that extra mile for his clients and makes sure that all of the people he works with are treated in the highest professional manner. From the marketing staff to the people appearing in the images, Robb is a great ambassador for his clients and is able to involve all in a smooth process from start to finish. 

Robb has 20 years of experience in working with all types of situations - this isn't his first rodeo. From photographing sensitive places, with difficult restrictions, he will always bring back the goods, and a large image library to ensure many options at that.  

Robb has a large set of tools in his bag that very few photographers can offer. He selects the camera to bring the client the right set of images.  

He has just updated to a Leaf Credo 80 high resolution digital back to work with his Cambo technical camera, Schneider lenses and a Hasselblad Medium Format Camera - both benchmarks in optics and smooth color transitions. He uses architectural technical cameras for gaining the most precise movements with tilts and swings that his architects and interior designers require. The back produces the largest image files out there and is comparitive to 8x10" film of the past. Clients can expect the largest images for display with the highest level of detail available.  

He also works with Canon 1Dx digital cameras for low light levels or high speed and small Fuji X series mirrorless and Leica M9 digital cameras when discretion is key. Robb only works with the finest tools available to allow him to couple the technology to the way he sees.